Pokémon Emerald Cross

Play Pokémon Emerald the way you remember it instead of how old Pokémon games actually were!

Includes many new in-game modes that affect gameplay, quality-of-life additions, and tons of customization options so you can have an experience as close to or as far from vanilla as you want.

Emerald Cross fixes a lot of bugs from Pokémon Emerald, including:

  • Broken RNG
  • Battle facility bugs
  • Map errors, a lot of them!


Highlights of Emerald Cross

Your partner will follow you!

Every Pokémon available in the game will follow you! Even your shiny ones ✨

Designed and coded by merrp.

Great in-game customization

Don't let other fangames force a playstyle on you, play the game however you want!

This includes a Nuzlocke mode, randomizer options, UI changes, game mechanic options, challenges, and much more.

Catch them all… if you want!

There is a setting that can alter the encounter tables for every wild battle.

And best of all, you can toggle this mode whenever you want from the Options Menu.