List of Changes

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This only includes the list of changes that you can't turn off!

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Upgraded Bag

One of the worst things about the original Emerald is how little bag space it had and how cramped everything felt, so that was a must to improve with Emerald Cross.

  • Expanded Pockets: Added pockets for Medicine, Battle Items and Treasures.
  • TM Case: Removed the TMs pocket and added a TM Case instead.
    The description shows how many TMs you have unlocked and shows which Pokémon can learn what TM at a glance through a modernized icon UI.
  • Unlimited TMs: TMs don't break anymore. The prices of the TMs have been reflected to support this change.
  • Expanded pocket size: In addition to having more pockets, you can also carry more items in each pocket.
  • Updated Soot Sack: Using the Soot Sack will tell you how much volcanic ash you have collected.
  • Bag Sorting: You can sort items by pressing START. There are different sorting schemes depending on the pocket.
  • Easier navigation: A pocket icon was added to easily determine which pocket is previous/next.

Pokédex Stats page

Stats Page
Screenshot of the Pokédex Stats page.

This replaces the Size page and has been placed before the Cry page, since it is more useful.

Quality of life features!

  • Auto-run mode: press R in the overworld.
  • Fast Bike mounting: press L in the overworld.
  • Battle message when a Pokémon with Pickup obtains an Item. Supports multiple Pokémon with the Pickup ability.
  • Running indoors.
  • Link restrictions have been removed. Connect to your favorite games from the very start of your adventure.
  • Catch 'em all mode. Get those unavailable Pokémon without having to trade.
  • Cuttable trees that block your way will stay cut forever.
  • Breakable rocks won't respawn if they were blocking your path.
  • Flash only needs to be used once per location.
  • Forgettable HM moves.
  • Fast speed while surfing. Works with the Auto-run mode.
  • Re-usable Repels.
  • FRLG/DP+ white out money calculation.
  • Increased max money to 9999999.
  • Use SELECT to swap Pokémon in your party.
  • Allow moving Items between Pokémon.
  • Repeated Medicine use.
  • Steven's Beldum that is given to the player has his trainer ID and name on it.
  • Removed lag when entering a Pokémon Center
  • Running is now allowed in Pacifidlog Town.
  • New house in Sootopolis City that allows you to get a special Gligar + Mystery Gift events.
  • Linking Cord given to you during your adventure. Evolve without having to trade!
  • Use HMs without having to teach them.
  • Improved text readability in Contests.
  • A new look for the region map.
  • View your new game settings in the Pokémon Center computer.
  • Increased Mirage Island odds with Wynaut in your party.
  • Includes an internal save patcher to make sure your save will continue working between versions.
  • Shiny Pokémon will have a star in battle instead the gender icon.
  • Gym leaders rematches will be triggered daily.
  • In-game trades for RS-exclusive Pokémon.
  • Items will tell you what they do the first time that you obtain them.
  • Shiny Charm and Oval Charm obtainable.
  • 4 new Pokémon Box wallpapers.
  • Reset RTC by pressing B, Select, and Left on the title screen.
  • Save screen will tell in which facility you are located.
  • Some Pokémon have gender differences.
  • Better audio quality thanks to iPatix's mixer.
  • Feebas tiles will always encounter Feebas.
  • The title screen will show the current game vesion.
  • Faster VBlank function. This means that you can speed up faster.
  • Altering Cave encounters change daily.
  • Obtainable Lucky Egg in the Safari Zone.
  • Berries don't disappear after a certain amount of time and no longer need to be watered if they're on rainy routes.