How to play the games

How do I play your games?

Getting the necessary files.

You need to get a clean ROM of the base by yourself, we don't share .gba files here!

Games that use Pokémon Emerald as base: Pokémon Emerald Cross, Pokémon Yellow Cross, Pokémon Unova Emerald.

Games that use Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire 1.2 as base: Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire Cross.

Once you have the base game, you will want to download the fangame that you want to play.

All of them are available to download on my Ko-fi Shop, you can download them for 0$ and play them for free!

Link to the games: Click me!

Once you have the original game (a .gba file) and my game patch (a .bsp file) you will need something to patch the file into the original rom.

Getting the necessary files.

Now you need to apply my game patch (.bsp file) to your game file (.gba file).

If you are on a computer:

You can use this website: Rom Patcher JS.

If you are on Android:

You can use the application called UniPatcher.

How do I play the game?

Real GBA: Use an Everdrive or an EZ-Flash Omega. You may also want to flash a cartridge yourself if you are savvy enough. Same requirements as vanilla Emerald.

Windows/Linux/Mac: I only give support to mGBA: mGBA.

Android: I would recommend Pizza Boy or MyBoy, but I didn't test my game on phones.

How do I update the game?

You repeat the process from the start. You use an original game as .gba file, don't use the old files!

Are my saves compatible with old versions?

Yes you can! Just make sure the new .gba has the same name as the old version.