Emerald Cross Credits

I don't take credit of everything that I did for the game, there are plenty of public resources that I used and people that helped me making this game happen.


  • Citrus Bolt: Summary screen collaboration, lots of small systems, help and support.
  • Merrp: Amazing follower Pok√©mon system and great support for bug fixed. She also made the overworld tinting.
  • Deokishisu: General support/code.
  • TheXaman: Collaboration and base to make the Option menu as well as Randomizer, Difficulty and Challenges settings/modes.
  • SBird: System to convert TMHMs to bitfields, faster battle intro, Start Menu collaboration.
  • AsparagusEduardo: Expanded pockets, fixes, TM SOLD OUT system, Mirage Island idea/code.
  • Ghoulslash: Item info on first pick up, Physical/Special/Status split toggle. Bag sorting.
  • Sapphire Jester: Check your much ash your collected with the Soot Sack
  • ipatix: audio mixer
  • CFRU: Last ball UI. Show type icons in battle.
  • NobodySociety: FR Fishing port