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Before you start reading

This is a pure generation 3 game. Compatibility is maintained across official games. This means a lot of stuff, but most important:

  • No battle engine changes, like modern Phyisical/Special/Status split.
  • No added moves, abilities, species or types.
  • No changes to the moves like acurracy or power changes.
  • No added evolutions from later games.

Quality of life changes:

  • Pokémon will follow you across the region. This support every Pokémon and their variations. Props to Merrp for coding this amazing system.
  • You can forget HMs easily.
  • You can use HMs without actually teaching them.
  • You follower Pokémon will play an anim to break rocks or cut trees if it uses a HM move.
  • Decapitalized text.
  • Text speeds are faster. Fast text speed prints 2 characters at the same time instead of just 1.
  • You can now run indoors.
  • Option has been expanded, adding:
    • NPC Text color: Default/Inverted/Off
    • Unit System: Imperial/Metric
    • Auto-run: Off/On. Allows you to run by default. This affects surfing as well.
    • Confirm Save: On/Off. Allows you to skip the save confirmation window.
  • Plenty of vanilla bug fixes, including facility ones and RNG not being properly seeded.
  • Trees will never respawn once you have cut them
  • You can run when surfing.
  • Bag pockets have been expanded to allow you to store more items.
  • Medicine pocket was added to the bag to keep things more organized.
  • You can switch Pokémon in the Pokémon Party menu using select.
  • Bags can keep up to 999 of each item instead of just 99

Story changes:

  • A policeman blocks the path to the blurged house in Cerulean City until you defeat Misty, just like in Pokémon Let's Go.
  • You can't access Team Rocket Hideout until you defeat your rival in the Pokémon Tower, just like in Pokémon Let's Go.
  • Jessie and James are back! Mostly copied from Pokémon Let's Go.
  • Added Mew truck, optional and post-game only.

    Map changes:

    • Headbutt system
    • Berry trees are back and spread across the entire region. They won't dissapear if you don't collect them, unlike in Pokémon Emerald.
    • Some graphical changes has been made to the entire game to make it feel a bit more modern and polished.
      • The following maps have been considerably revamped:
        • Mt. Moon
        • Lavender Town
        • Vermilion City
    • Add contests to Vermilion City.
    • You can back to Mt. Moon from Route 4, there is a gap in the ledge.
    • Day Care and breeding is accesible way earlier in the game, the Day Care service is located in Route 4.

Misc NPC changes

  • There is a NPC that will sell you Pewter Crunchies, named Pewter Arare in this game daily, in the Pokémon Center located in Pewter City, just like in Pokémon Let's Go.
  • The move relearner is located in Cerulean City and will relearn a move for ¥5000.
  • Added lures so you can get the rarer encounters more easily. Also increased shiny odds.
  • You can changue your dialogue box and it's color.

Battle changes

  • Blind mode, which is like shift mode but without telling you which Pokémon will be sent.
  • Some changes have been made to the battle ui to make it look more unique without losing the gen 3 style.
  • The AI is now aware of Hidden Power move type.
  • Battle pauses and HP/Exp bar anims have been shortened.
  • Pressing B in a wild battle will hover the run menu so you can run away from encounters faster using b + a.
  • You will see the category of your move and the graphical icon for your move type in battle, making it easier to see and prettier.

Summary screen changes

  • The Summary Screen has been redesigned to look like FRLG while also having improvements like:
    • Fix incorrect move data from gen 3 moves.
    • Show the category of your move.
    • Show Power and move type of Hidden Power.
    • Show Power of Return and Frustration
    • Added a page for Contest Moves
    • Support for locations from other games, including Orre.
    • Characteristics text in the Trainer Memo.

Trainer changes

  • Gym Leaders have their parties adjusted and changed.
  • Rival fights have been changes, following mostly Pokémon Yellow.
  • Trainers can have more data like evs, ivs, natures and abilities set.

Planned changes:

  • Update breeding mechanics
  • Add emerald facilities across post-game islands.
  • Expand encounter tables in the post-game
  • Day/night cycle in post-game
  • Gym leader rematches
  • In-game nuzlocke mode
  • Post-game swarm sytem
  • Gym leader/e4 rematch system
  • Master Trainers (maybe?)
  • Bag sorting
  • BW Repel system
  • Link cable to evolve trade Pokémon
  • Free space in the bag so you can organize items as you wish


Pokémon will follow you!

Every Pokémon available in the game will follow you! Even your shiny ones ✨

Designed and coded by merrp.

Team Rocket is back!

Yellow Cross takes the opportunity to take elements from Pokémon Let's go Pikachu/Eevee.