Unova Emeralds Credits

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Rom Hacking Hideout: Base engine

Merrp: Follower and day and night system

Paccy: Base images for followers + followers data for gen v mons. Code and data for the PWT.

Azure Keys: Idea for the game, inspired by Pokémon Unova Red

Citrus Bolt, Jaizu: Updated Pokémon Summary Screen

Citrus Bolt: Daily gym leader rematches. Make Flash permanent after using it one time, swarm system.

Timeless Shrine: Title screen

Farore: Main tree

Alistair: Tiles

Poffin Case: Object events

Hyo: Brendan sprites. Brendan and May object events

Squall: Tympole, Lillipup and Cubchoo Dolls

Sapphire Jester: Show how much Ash you collected

Paccy: Let Pokémon use HMs without learning them

Start Gazaar: Ball sprites

Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem backsprites: Dreadwing93, Q.Dylm.

Q.Dylm: Sprite resize.

Deokishisu: Code, some help.

Ghoulslash: Showing sprites and description when obtaining an item.

Some overworld sprites: PurpleZaffre, UlithiumDragon, aveontrainer.

Gen V followers extracted from Generation 8 Pack for Essentials v20.1, with the follower credits: MissingLukey, help-14, Kymoyonian, cSc-A7X, 2and2makes5, Pokegirl4ever, Fernandojl, Silver-Skies, TyranitarDark, Getsuei-H, Kid1513, Milomilotic11, Kyt666, kdiamo11, Chocosrawlooid, Syledude, Gallanty, Gizamimi-Pichu, 2and2makes5, Zyon17,LarryTurbo, spritesstealer, LarryTurbo, joojishibuki