Pokémon Switch Adventures

Tired of not having a Switch? Look no further! In this mini-adventure you can get one with the support of Team Rocket. Pokémon Switch Adventures offers a short but highly entertaining adventure, loaded with references of all kinds.

  • Team Rocket costumes on certain occasions
  • Music of the moment
  • Bad humor full of references from outside the forum that no one will understand
  • Short adventure duration
  • Battles against legendary shinies at level 100
  • Double battles against bosses
  • People with exotic hair colors who throw tokens
  • And much (little) more
image image image

Othienka (team rocket), VanillaSunshine, Luna(nintendo switch overworld), NeroIgnis (switch sprite), kittycouch (title screen bg), waneella (intro bg), Zein (tiles), Cope (tiles), Alistair (tiles), Alucus (tiles), Magiscarf (tiles, palettes), Jess (scripts), Klein (scripts), aveontrainer (bgs), KyleDove (bgs), carchagui (bgs), Deo (sounds), Nuri (scripts), HollowGap (music), Poshoron (sprites), seiyouh (gfx)

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