Recharged Yellow


Relive Kanto in a refreshed adventure with the pure style of gen 3!

Plenty of quality of changes, built-in modes, Jessie and James and much more!


  • Pokémon follower system made by Merrp
  • Fully compatible with vanilla gen 3 games and Pokémon Heliodor!
  • Kanto rebuilt in Pokémon Emerald engine, this includes RTC, berries, contests and post-game facilities.
  • Pokémon color variation from Pokémon stadium, this is reflected in the followers, party menu and pc boxes!
  • Richer Pokémon icons, this reflects the PID of your Pokémon and if they are shiny
  • Lots of quality of life features
  • Built in hard mode, nuzlocke mode and level cap
  • Lots of touches from Let's Go Pikachu, including Jessie and James.
  • Sevii Islands are locked to post-game, they all have new and revamped content
  • And lots of more stuff!


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This credit list will be updated once the first release is done, so it might be incomplete, if someone is missing please let me know and I will fix it!

RHH, Citrus Bolt, merrp, Deokishisu, grunt-lucas, ghoulslash, ekat, paccy, bluerose, farore, thexaman, boonzeet, kalarie, poffin_case


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